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If you are already sanctioned with USSSA and have a 2021 sanction number you can sign yourself up for events online at USSSA.COM.  We prefer that you sign yourself up so that you have an opportunity to read all the details on the event.  Go to USSSA.COM, Click on Fastpitch to access the tournament search option, put in the state you want to search in, find the event you want to play in by finding the name of the event and date of the event. Click on Enter and fill in the required info. You can also use the "Quick Event Search" feature on the home page of USSSA.com.  If you still need help, call our office at 812-547-1500, ask for Tina or email trisha.grass@yahoo.com

To Enter An Event before you are sanctioned fill In the form and click Enter Me. We will contact you regarding sanctioning and event entry.

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