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2019 Reclass Criteria

In 2019 USSSA will be reviewing teams classifications regularly. We are not trying to put any teams at a disadvantage, quite the opposite. We want to do our best to ensure that teams are playing similar competition. We all know that winning or losing by large margins isn't fun for anyone and we are trying to equal the playing field.

Criteria to move a team up (From C class to B class or B class to A class):

  • A minimum of 8 Scored Games

  • 1100 Power Rating

  • 70% in class wins

  • Placing 1st and 2nd 3 or more times

  • +4 Run Differential

Criteria to move a team down (From A class to B class or B class to C class):

  • 8 scored games

  • 30% or less in class wins

  • 400 Power rating or less

  • Run Differenctial of -4

If your team is selected to be reclassified, you will receive an email notifying you of the change. This is the criteria that will be used throughout the year, so even if you are not reclassified during this review, you may be as the season progresses

Age Calulator

This link takes you the the Age Calculator on the the USSSA site. You can use it to determine the age your player is eligible to play