Register Your Team With USSSA

Before you can sign up for events you must create a manager's account first and go through a background check. Once you are cleared you can proceed in creating your team.

Follow The Instructions You Are Given

Note: you may or may not receive an email letting you know you have been cleared (be sure to check spam). We suggest you log into your managers account 3 to 5 days after submitting the background check to see if there is a date showing when it was cleared. (See Example Below)

If you are cleared click on the left of the manager's account page where it says "create a new team".
( you may need to scroll down the page to see it).

Keep in mind teams can't register as a C team. You will need to register as a B. If you feel you are a C team reach out to your state director after you have your players on your roster, they will determine if you can be changed to a C class.

Background cleared example.png